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We can solve any electrical problem, even intermittent faults.
"Intermittent faults are notoriously difficult to identify and repair ("troubleshoot") because each individual factor does not create the problem alone, so the factors can only be identified while the malfunction is actually occurring. The person capable of identifying and solving the problem is seldom the usual operator. Because the timing of the malfunction is unpredictable, and both device or system downtime and engineers' time incur cost, the fault is often simply tolerated if not too frequent unless it causes unacceptable problems or dangers."

PGE recommended processes

 CPUC Electric Rule No. 2 Description of Service: 

As you may already be aware, interruptions in manufacturing processes can be very costly, causing potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue per day. Such interruptions can be due to voltage sag events, which are the most important power-quality problem facing many industrial customers, especially those with a process.

Voltage sag is the number one problem