Typical Prices

Most basic troubleshooting calls including repair and installation calls are resolved less than $500. We have developed this list to serve as a guideline and to provide "ball park" estimates for common items. These costs are for a typical small to medium house in California. Difficult access, commercial work or other factors could increase cost substantially. Please note: Recent construction cost increases may make some of these prices lower than you will find locally. Drywall repair and paint, as needed, done by others

Minimum service call 
  • Residential Service Call $300 per man/hr or menu 
  • Commercial Service Call $350 per man/hr or menu 
  • After hours, wknd or emergency/ urgent call at time and a half 
  • Minimum call (tools used) $100
    • SF DBI permit and onsite inspection meetings $800
    • Correct "all lights flicker" troubles starting at $1500 typical [liaison w PGE troubleman add $200]
    • PGE Liason for upgrades: Job Card, Underground engineer, troubleman, estimator, surveyor meetings $1850
    • Grounding System in single family dwelling to compliance $1800 typical
    • Mobilize extra large skyscraper ladder or staircase ladders $600 typical.  Scaffold/Lift is more
    • Well documented small Safety / Compliance Survey $600-$900 typical
      • New small Subpanel from $1800.  [Commercial / three phase panels +20%]
      • Upgrade small fusebox or FP panel to 100 amp panel from $3,000 plus SFDBI permits, PGE liaison, grounding
        • Double that to move FP panel out of closet and over to a nearby wall. [Drywall and paint by others]
        • Upgrade small Meter Main 200amp $6k. Commercial  /Multi family dwellings from $2k/meter typical plus permits, PGE liaison, grounding, AFCI cbs.  
        • Upgrade larger residential single family Meter Main to 400amp main $8k+ typical
          • plus sfdbi permits and pge liason
          • does not include trenching new underground
        • Replace existing Small lighting Fixture $150 typical bulk: 
          • undercab fluorescents and kitchen counter pendants @$300/ea plus parts
        • Assemble/ Install simple chandelier (minor fitting and assembly) less than 25lbs / new Ceiling Fan / 8' length of track $650 typical
        • Replace existing single gang switch or outlet [bulk] $125 typical plus material cost 
          • for 2 gang and larger boxes - count each switch, regardless
          • [$20 commercial duty device material - dimmers, 277v  or specialty switches more]
        • Replace existing 2prong or non compliant outlet with GFI outlet bulk]  $150 typical plus material [typ $45]
          • [+ $45 for exterior in-use cover; weather resistant device or combo device]
          • Plasma TV / Bidet install $1,800 typical plus cost of power circuit if needed [Drywall and paint by others]
          • Small 30amp Electric Vehicle or Water Heater $2000 less than 50' from panel of adequate capacity. 
            • adjust for permits required, adequacy of source panel, wire path and total distance
          • Bathroom remove and replace existing Exhaust Fan with adequate vent $1000 labor typical. [Drywall and paint by others]
          • Install new in-wall / baseboard heater at existing feed & thermostat.  Heater provided by others $450 typical
            New Circuits
            • New, remodel, or extend switching  / lighting / power outlets: $1850 residential typical (distance & path)
              • $1100 first remodel light, $750 for each additional switch or light in series
              • $500  for new romex to nearby outlet typical  [interior residential] => back to back or open hatchway in wall [traverse structure (beams, corners) is more]
              • (hard pipe / metal cable as required) is more
              • Wall repair / painting to be done by others
              • New120-volt circuit starting from $1500 less than 100 feet
                • adjust for permits required, adequacy of source panel, wire path and total distance
              • New low amperage 240-volt circuit starting from $2000 less than 50 foot run
                • adjust for panel condition, wire path and total distance
              • Add $200 parts and labor for AFCI protection as needed.
              • Low voltage / control wiring / troubleshooting at hourly rate typical
                • Bathroom Remodel starting from from $1800 [size & finishes]
                • Kitchen Remodel starting from from $4500 [size & finishes]
                  Repairs [special ladders / materials / access]
                  • Repair lighting ballasts / transformers bulk or Recessed cans 1 hr labor [$300 residential / $350 commercial] plus $85 material typical
                  • T5 / dimmable fixtures 1.5hr + parts typical commercial duty BALLASTS & LAMPS Includes four year warranty parts and labor on materials we provide